bimvrogai bitmu+vorme+gacri g_1 is a gate on v_1 between v_2=b_2 and v_3=b_3 in structure b_4 (vlasisku)

kalgaisligau kanla+gacri+slilu+gasnu x1=k2=g1 winks/blinks (vlasisku)

tengau tcena+gasnu g_1 extends t_1 to range t_2 [interval/extent] in dimension t_3 from relaxed range t_4 (vlasisku)

panzga panci+zgana x_1 sniffs x_2 (vlasisku)

mirsna minra+sance s1=m4 is an echo of sound s2=m2 reflected by m1 to observer/point m3 (everywhere)

dzukla cadzu+klama c1=k1 walks to k2 from k3 via k4 on limbs k5=c3 on surface c2 (everywhere)

dzuklaji cadzu+klaji footpath: places as {klaji}

cermurse cerni+murse m1=c1 is dawn of day m2=c2 at location m3=c3 (everywhere)

kargau kalri+gasnu g_1 opens portal/passage/entranceway k_1, permitting access to k_2 by k_3 (everywhere, but place structures differ)

jupku'a jukpa+kumfa k1 is a kitchen in structure k2 (not a good lujvo, but appears everywhere)

tisyse'a se+tisna+setca s1 pours s2=t2 into s3=t1 (mi finti, after gismu list suggestion)

jaurgapci djacu+gapci g1=d1 is steam/water vapor under conditions g3 (vlasisku)

galmu'u galtu+muvdu m1 rises to m2=g1 from m3=g3 via m4 (vlasisku)

kafpatxu ckafi+patxu x1 is a coffee pot made of material x2 (noralujvo)

jupsfe jukpa+sefta s1 is a cooking surface for cooking j2, surface of s2 (vlasisku)

xrukla xruti+klama (everywhere)

vrogai vorme+gacri g1 is a door in doorway/accessing passage g2=v1 between v2 and v3 of structure v4. (everywhere, following the place structure from vlasisku)

daspu'i dasni+punji p1=d1 puts on p2=d2 (clothing) on p3(=d3?) (body part) (vlasisku)

barkalyle'o l_1=b_1 is a monocle/pair of (eye)glasses/spectacles allowing the clear sight of l_2 (light) by k_2 (wearer) (vlasisku)

telgau stela+gasnu g1 locks lock s1 on s2 by mechanism s3 (vlasisku)

selkre se+kerfa

gapkla gapru+klama k1 ascends/goes up to g1=k2 from g2=k3 via route k4 by means k5 (everywhere)

brulu'i burcu+lumci l1 (agent) sweeps/brushes l2 removing soil l3 with brush b1=l4 (everywhere)

dormidju donri+midju m1 is the noon (midday) … (everywhere, but place structures differ)

sutkla sutra+klama (places as {klama}) (everywhere)

sedmu'utu'i stedu+muvdu+tugni t1=s2 agrees by nodding with person / position / side t2 that t3 is true about t4 (vlasisku)

tolmorji to'e+morji

nerkla nenri+klama (places as {klama}) (everywhere)

cityge'u citno+gerku g1=c1 is a young dog/puppy of species breed g2, young by standard c2 (vlasisku)

bregau bredi+gasnu g1 prepares/readies b1 for event b3 (everywhere)

dagmlaterdzu dargu+mlana+te+cadzu d1=m1=c3 is a sidewalk of road m2 (vlasisku)

dzuklaji cadzu+klaji x1 is a footpath at x2 accessing x3 (everywhere)

vacysai vanci+sanmi s1 is a dinner/supper/(evening meal) with dishes including s2 (everywhere)

surku'a surla+kumfa k1 is a lounge/living-/sitting-room in structure k2 (mi finti, after many similarly-constructed lujvo in noralujvo)

vruri'a savru+rinka r1 makes noise s2 received by s3 on channel s4 under conditions r3 (noralujvo)

gercmo gerku+cmoni g1=c1 barks (dog vocal utterance) expressing c3 (everywhere, place structures vary)

jbixa'u jibni+xabju x1=j1 is a neighbor dwelling in x2, near j2 (everywhere, place structures vary)

kucysimgau kruca+simxu+gasnu g1 folds/crosses/intertwines s1 (vlasisku)

mumdei mu+djedi Friday (everywhere)

jelgau jelca+gasnu g1 burns/ignites j1 … (everwhere, place structures vary)

tu'ursigja tubnu+sigja t1=s1 is a smoking pipe containing smokable substance s2, made by s3 of material t4 (mi finti, after similar in noralujvo)

sigva'u sigja+vasxu v1 smokes/is a smoker of s1 (everywhere)

xagze'a xamgu+zenba x1=z1 improves to x2 by standard x3 by amount z3 (noralujvo)

tinju'i tirna+jundi t1=j1 listens to t2=j2 against background t3 (everywhere)

bislunsa bisli+lunsa x1 is frost condensed on x2 at temperature x3, pressure x4 (vlasisku)

toldenmi x1 is sparse/thin/unconcentrated in (ka) x2 at locus x3 (mi finti)

cludandu culno+dandu c1=d1 (vessel/wrapper/containment) sags from d2, suspended by d3, full of c2. (mi finti)