loi lujvo pe la'e lu le litru

predenmi prenu+denmi x1 (location/container) is crowded / dense with people x2 (vlasisku)

ca'orzai canko+zarci c1=z1 is a window/booth selling z2, operated by z3, in building/structure c2 (mi finti)

pledi'i pelji+jdini j1 is paper money issued by j2 (noralujvo)

toldra to'e+drani

sligau slilu+gasnu g1 (agent) swings/oscillates s1 at frequency s2 through states s3 (everywhere, places as in noralujvo)

muvgau muvdu+gasnu g1 moves m1 to destination m2 from origin m3 over path/route m4 (vlasisku)

jelgau jelca+gasnu g2 burns/ignites j1 … (everwhere, place structures vary)

sa'orgau salpo+gasnu g1 leans/slants/tilts s1 away from vertical by angle s2 (vlasisku)

gugypau gugde+pagbu p_1 is a state/province/region (first-level administrative division) of country p_2=g_1 (vlasisku)

cupli'u clupa+litru l1 makes a round trip via route l2 by means l3 (vlasisku)

fagystigau fagri+sisti+gasnu g1 extinguishes s1, s2=f1. (noralujvo)

kagja'a kagni+jatna j1 is the president/director of company j2=k2 (vlasisku)

terve'u te+vecnu (everywhere)

fuzyji'i fuzme+jinvi j1 blames/suspects/holds responsible f1 for f2 to authority f3 (noralujvo)

bijyjbu briju+jubme x_1=j_1 is an office desk/counter of material x_2=j_2, in office x_3=b_1 of worker x_4=b_2 at location x_5=b_3 (vlasisku)

fetspe fetsi+speni f1=s1 is a wife of s2 under convention s3 (everywhere)

xa'ucne xabju+cenba x1 moves/changes residence to x2 from x3 (vlasisku) (maljvo)

pavrelma'i pa+re+masti m1 is December of year m2, calendar m3 (vlasisku)

sa'irbi'o b1=s1 stands up onto surface s2 supported by limbs s3 (everywhere)

dinveicu'u dinju+vreji+cuntu c1 is an/the accounting function/activities involving persons c2, using currency issued by j2, recording v2 (data/facts/du'u) about v3 (object/event); c1 is accounting. (vlasisku)

zanyni'o zabna+cnino c1=z2 is modern/up-to-date (favorable sense) according to z3=c2 in feature c3 (mi finti)

sipku'a sipna+kumfa k1 is a bedroom with sleeper s2 … k2, k3 (everywhere)

spusku spuda+cusku c1=s1 replies with c2 to speaker c3 via c4 to stimulus s2 (everywhere)

gusydicra gusni+dicra d1 extinguishes light g1, … g2, g3. (vlasisku)

vrogai vorme+gacri g1 is a door in doorway/accessing passage g2=v1 between v2 and v3 of structure v4. (everywhere, following the place structure from vlasisku)

kumyzda kumfa+zdani z1=k1 is an apartment for z2 in structure k2 (vlasisku)

fonjudri fonxa+judri j1 is the phone number of j2 [in system f2] (noralujvo)

kargau kalri+gasnu g1 opens k1 … (everywhere, various structures)

vruca'a savru+cabra c1 is a horn/buzzer/siren producing strident noise c2=s1 [operated by c_3] (everywhere)

cukyku'ovelvei v4 is a gramophone record of music v2 (vlasisku)

jbikla jibni+klama k1 approaches j2, k3, k4, k5 (everywhere)

cismyfra cisma+frati c1=f1 smiles at f3 under conditions f4 (vlasisku)

desygau desku+gasnu g1 shakes d1 (everywhere)

velnarge ve+narge

bavlamdei balvi+lamji+detri d1=b1 is tomorrow/the day after l2=b2, day standard d3 (everywhere)

kucysimgau kruca+simxu+gasnu g1 folds/crosses/intertwines s1 (vlasisku)

datnynoi datni+notci n1=d1 is a report about n2=d2 from reporter n3 to intended audience n4 (vlasisku)

cabjeftu cabna+jeftu j1=c1 is this week; j1=c1 is the week occuring at the same time as c2, week standard j3 (everywhere, vlasisku place structure)

ckuzda cukta+zdani z1 is a library (location) with books z2=c1 (noralujvo)

flapaizda flalu+pajni+zdani z1 is a judicial court administering lawsuit p2=f2 for community f3 (vlasisku)

tolci'o to'e+citno old (everywhere)

catycku cartu+cukta cu1 is an atlas/charter containing map(s)/charts/diagrams cu2=ca1 of about ca2 showing formation ca3 by cu3 for audience cu4 in medium cu5 (mi finti)

djekarni djedi+karni k1 is a daily newspaper with content k2 published by k3 for audience k4 (everywhere)

jelgau jelca+gasnu g1 burns/ignites j1 … (everwhere, place structures vary)

zumtcidu zu'o+tcidu z1 is the activity of reading (mi finti)

vacysai vanci+sanmi s1 is a dinner/supper/(evening meal) with dishes including s2 (everywhere)

tolcando to'e+cando busy (everywhere)

pintu'a p_1=t_1 is a plain/flatland at location t_2 (vlasisku)

cilsraga'a cilta+sarji+grana g1 is a [telephone] pole of material g2 suporting wires s2=c1 (mi finti)

kanjunla j_1=k_1 is a watch (portable timepiece) measuring time units j_2 to precision j_3 with timing mechanism j_4 (vlasisku)

ga'orbi'o ganlo+binxo g1=b1 closes (noralujvo)

selsne se+senva (everywhere)

caivru carmi+savru s1=c1 is roaring/blinding to s2 via channel s2=c3 (everywhere)

sasfoi srasu+foldi f_1 is a lawn/meadow/field of grass species s_2 (everywhere)

dzukla cadzu+klama c_1=k_1 walks to k_2 from k_3 via route k_4 using limbs k5=c3 on surface c2 (everywhere)

selma'etro se+marce+jitro j1 is a conductor managing passengers m2=j2 on vehicle m1 (…?) (mi finti)

spafoi spati+foldi f1 is a brush/shrubland [field of plants] with predominant plant species/cultivar s2. (vlasisku)

bevma'e bevri+marce m1=b1 is a truck/transporter for carrying m2=b2 on surface/medium m3, propelled by m4 (everywhere, noralujvo places)

xadycla xadni+clani c_1=xa_1 is tall / has a long body by standard c_3 (everywhere)

galmu'u galtu+muvdu m1 rises to m2=g1 from origin m3=g3 via path m4 (vlasisku)

citnau citno+nanmu n_1=c_1 is a youth/young man by standard c_2 (vlasisku)

tolse'a to'e+setca

plekarni pelji+karni k_1 is a journal/periodical/magazine/[newspaper] printed on paper with content k_2 published by k_3 for audience k_4. (vlasisku)

telcaugau stela+claxu+gasnu g1 unlocks/unseals c1=s2 using lock/seal s1 with mechnism s3 (vlasisku)

xunblabi xunre+blabi x1 is pink (everywhere)

nivycreka nivji+creka c1=n2 is a sweater of material c2=n3 (vlasisku)

selpisyvictci se+pinsi+vimcu+tutci t1 is an eraser for removing marking material p2=v2 from surface v3 (mi finti)

torvelski tordu+ve+skicu s4=t1 is a summary of s2 to audience s3 by s4, short by standard t3 (mi finti)

tertca te+tcadu

trukamni turni+kamni k1=t1 is the governing council of t2, part of governing body k3 (noralujvo)

zdagunma zdani+gunma g1 is a housing project/division/complex of houses/nests/lairs g2=z1 for z2 (mi finti)

da'asnu damba+casnu c1 argues/quarrels about topic/subject c2=d3 with opponent x3=d2 (vlasisku)

cmicu'a cmima+cuxna cm_1=cu_1 votes for cu_2 among choices cu_3 in voting group cm_2 (vlasisku) (somewhat unsatisfactory)

jijyji'i jinvi+jijnu jin_1=jij_1 has intuition-based opinion (hunch/suspicion) jin_2=jij_2 (du'u) on subject jin_3=jij_3 (vlasisku)

zengau zenba+gasnu x1 increases/augments x2 (experiencer) in property/quantity x3 by amount x4 (vlasisku)

cmaro'i c1=r1 is gravel of rock type r2 (…) (noralujvo)

lecydo'i lerci+donri d1=l1 is the afternoon of d2 at d3 (everywhere)

lijgri linji+girzu g1=l1 is a row with common property g2 due to set g3 linked by relations g4 (everywhere, vlasisku place structure)

kindi'u skina+dinju d1 is a movie theater / cinema (building) showing movies/films s1 (everywhere)

dagmlaterdzu dargu+mlana+te+cadzu d1=m1=c3 is a sidewalk of road m2 (vlasisku)

pagzai pagbu+zarci x1=z1 is a department store selling/trading (for) x2=z2, with departments x3=z3=p1 (vlasisku)

manfyta'u manfo+taxfu t1=m1 is livery/a uniform for wearing by t2 for purpose t3 (vlasisku) (maljvo)

najnimre narju+nimre ni1 is an orange of variety ni2 (vlasisku)

vanjba vanju+jbari j1 is a grape of variety j2 (everywhere)

tervencpe te+vecnu+cpacu v3=c1 orders/requests v2=c2 from v1=c3 by means c4 (vlasisku)

nerkla nenri+klama k1 enters k2=n2, k3, k4, k5 (everywhere)

nivycreka nivji+creka c1=n2 is a sweater of material c2=n3 (vlasisku)

ri'ornimre crino+nimre n1 is a lime of variety n2 (vlasisku)

klafle klama+flecu x1 is a flux/traffic of pedestrians/vehicles x2 going to x3 from x4 (vlasisku)

xrukla xruti+klama k1=x1=x2 returns to k2=x3 from k3=x4 via k4 using means k5 (everywhere)

nunji'e nu+jmive n1 is the life (event or process of living) of j1 (vlasisku)

lejykarce [ve]+pleji+karce k1=p4 is a hired car/truck/taxi/cab hired for payment p2 paid to p3 by p1 for carrying k2 and propelled by k3 (mi finti)

tengau tcena+gasnu g1 extends t1 to range t2 [interval/extent] in dimension t3 from relaxed range t4 (vlasisku)

dijysenta dinju+senta s1 is a story/level/floor of building s3=d1 (vlasisku)

labybla blabi+blanu blab1=blan1 is light/sky blue (mi finti)

jupkosta jukpa+kosta k1 is an apron of material k2 (vlasisku)

jupsfe jukpa+sefta s1 is a cooking surface for cooking j2, surface of object s2 (vlasisku)

velylu'i ve+lumci

vercka verba+ckana c1 is a crib made of c2 for a child c3=v1 of age v2 (vlasisku)