I maintain a number of eggs (libraries) for CHICKEN Scheme, some of which I wrote. If you use any of them, please contact me with any bug reports, feedback, or improvements.

In the following table, each egg name is linked to its page on the CHICKEN wiki, which I consider the main documentation for the library.

All of these libraries are free software released under the MIT/X license.

Egg name Description Repository
integer-map SRFI 224-compatible integer mappings GitHub
unveil Scheme interface to unveil on OpenBSD GitHub
slib-wt-tree Weight-balanced tree library, port from slib/MIT Scheme GitHub
srfi-5 SRFI 5 named-let extensions GitHub
srfi-38 SRFI 38 GitHub
srfi-48 SRFI 48 format strings GitHub
srfi-60 SRFI 60 (superseded, use SRFI 151) GitHub
srfi-78 SRFI 78 testing framework GitHub
srfi-130 SRFI 130 cursor-based string library GitHub
srfi-132 SRFI 132 sorting library GitHub
srfi-134 SRFI 134 immutable deques GitHub
srfi-135 SRFI 135 immutable texts GitHub
srfi-137 SRFI 137 minimal unique types GitHub
srfi-141 SRFI 141 integer division library GitHub
srfi-152 SRFI 152 string library GitHub
srfi-178 SRFI 178 bitvectors GitHub
srfi-189 SRFI 189 Maybe and Either types GitHub
srfi-196 SRFI 196 ranges GitHub
srfi-207 SRFI 207 bytestrings GitHub
srfi-209 SRFI 209 enum types GitHub
srfi-217 SRFI 217 integer sets GitHub
srfi-232 SRFI 232 curried procedures GitHub
srfi-115 SRFI 115 regular expressions GitHub