lujvo used in la xunre nunmro

klacpe summon (noralujvo)

badydi'u b_1=d_1 is a defensive building (castle, fortress etc.) for protection of b_2 from b_3 (enemies, danger). (vlasisku)

bimvrogai g_1 is a gate on v_1 between v_2=b_2 and v_3=b_3 in structure b_4 (vlasisku)

nolkansa k_1 is a courtier to sovereign/aristocrat/noble k_2 in culture/country n_2=k_3 (vlasisku)

sabgau (same structure as {sabji}) (mentioned by vlasisku WRT {sabji})

tolju'i (to'e+jundi) (vlasisku)

xampre x_1 is a clown/joker (vlasisku)

nalbrezu'e x_1 improvises x_2 (ka) for purpose/goal/to end x_3 (vlasisku)

tersla (te salci) (noralujvo)

rajycla (sraji+clani) x1 is tall by standard x2 in from x3 (noralujvo, vlasisku)

terju'i (te jvinu) (noralujvo)

bukybimgai g1=bu1 is a tapestry for covering wall g2=bi2 of bi2 ({mi finti}, after {buklolgai} (floor rug))

selgai (se gacri) (noralujvo)

demsilka d1=s1 is velvet/[dense silk] produced by s2 (jbovlaste) ({ranbu'u} is a competing translation, but is vaguer.).

cunfaigau (cunso+fatri+gasnu) g1 scatters f1 among f2 with share f3 and probability distribution c3. (noralujvo)

laktergu'i g3 is a candle with wax source l2. (jbovlaste)

cibytu'e x1 is three-legged. (jbovlaste)

selto'a se tonga (noralujvo)

nerkla nenri+klama (everywhere)

balzgibe'e banli+zgike+bende ba_1=be_1 is an orchestra, consisting of performers be_2, and conducted by be_3, performing music z_1=be_4 (jbovlaste, vlasisku)

bebgei bebna+gleki (everywhere)

selsna se sance (noralujvo)

mirsna minra+sance (everywhere)

tolmletce to'e+melbi+mutce m_1=t_1 is hideous/grotesque to t_2 in aspect t_3 (ka) by aesthetic standard t_4. (vlasisku) (not optimal)

selsne se senva (noralujvo)

xunmau xunre+zmadu x1=z1 is more red than z2 (by amount z4?) (original)

smagai smaji+gacri g1 damps the sound of g2=s1; g1 is a damper (noralujvo)

predenmi prenu+denmi x1 (location/container) is crowded with people x2 (jbovlaste, vlasisku)

ctemidju nicte+midju m1 is the midnight of night n2 at location n3 (jbovlaste)

sajbi'o sanji+binxo b1=s1 becomes aware/conscious of s2. (noralujvo)

smaba'u smaji+bacru (noralujvo)

tolzau to'e+zanru (noralujvo)

gitsko jgita+skori (noralujvo)

xadycla xadni+clani c1=x1 is tall by standard c3. (jbovlaste)

mroke'a morsi+kevna k1 is a grave in k2 containing the body of m1. (noralujvo)

firgai flira+gacri g1 is a mask/face covering worn by f2. (noralujvo)

mroxadni morsi+xadni x1 is the corpse/dead body of x2. (jbovlaste)

selbi'a se bilma

ri'urgau rinju+gasnu g1 restrains/constrains/holds back r1 using restraint r2, against r3 (jbovlaste place structure)

gairgau gacri+gasnu gas1 puts cover gac1 on gac2 (noralujvo)

solnuntolcanci solri+nu+to'e+canci x1 is a sunrise at location x2 as observed by x3 (jbovlaste)

xansku xance+cusku (noralujvo)

tengau tcena+gasnu g1 extends t1 to range t2 [interval/extent] in dimension t3 from relaxed range t4. (jbovlaste)

sutkla sutra+klama (jbovlaste)

nalcumselsku na'e+cumki+se+cusku cum1=cus2 is inexpressible/unspeakable by cum2=cus1 for audience cus3 (?) via medium cus4 (?) under conditions cum3. (mi finti)

camte'a carmi+terpa (everywhere)

gusycai gusni+carmi (everywhere)

zerle'a zekri+lebna (everywhere)

selba'a se+barna (noralujvo)

mrobi'o morsi+binxo (everywhere)

selte'a se+terpa (everywhere)

bi'arze'a bilma+zenba b1=z1 gets sicker by amount z3 with symptoms b2 from disease b3. (mi finti) (after ka'orze'a)

bi'arbi'o bilma+binxo bil1=bin1 becomes sick with symptoms bil2 from disease bil3 (everywhere)

nilxa'u ni+xabju (noralujvo)

selzva se+zvati (noralujvo)

xirno'i xirma+nobli x1=n1 is a knight by nobility standard n2. (noralujvo)

fetno'i fetsi+nobli x1=n1 is a noblewoman by nobility standard n2. (noralujvo)

nunsorbi'a nu+so'i+bilma x1 is an epidemic involving patients x2 experiencing symptoms x3 from disease x4 (jbovlaste)

xlarai xlali+traji t1 is the worst among set/range t4 for x2 by standard x3 (jbovlaste)

kumgri kumfa+girzu g1 is a suite of rooms g2=k1 in structure k2 (…?) (mi finti)

labzi'u blabi+zirpu b1=z1 is light purple/violet (mi finti, after labyxu'e)

selplo se+polje (noralujvo)

gusli'i gusni+linji l1=g1 is a ray/beam illuminating g2=l2 from source g3=l3. (jbovlaste)

selvi'a se+viska (everywhere)

tolcanci to'e+canci (everywhere)

fagygu'i fagri+gusni g1 is firelight illuminating g2 from fire f1=g3 [burning in fuel f2 reacting with oxidizer f3] (mi finti)

dadysli dandu+slilu s1=d1 is a pendulum oscillating at frequency s2 hanging from/belonging to the mechanism of d2, hung by d3. (noralujvo)

jimdaxsna jinme+darxi+sance s1 is a metallic sound/zing/clang from source s2. (noralujvo)

notsku notci+cusku c1 announces/proclaims c2 for audience c3=n4 via medium c4. (jbovlaste)

zilska zi'o+skari s1 is a color (abstract) (jbovlaste)

selzgi se+zgike (everywhere)

tapkla stapa+klama s1=k1 steps to k2 … (noralujvo)

laurbi'o cladu+binxo c1=b1 becomes loud at observation point c2 by loudness standard c3. (noralujvo)

kampeikai ka+pensi+ckaji c1=p1 is thoughtful. (noralujvo)

jdaskuzei lijda+cusku+zekri z1 is blasphemy in religion l1=z2, expressed as (sedu'u/text/lu'e concept) c2. (noralujvo)

zernerkla x1 trespasses (illegally enters) into x2, a crime according to x3. (everywhere)

snocanci masno+canci c1 fades from location c2 (vlasisku)